Busy Week!

Well, now that it's everyone's favorite day of the week, I figured I'd recap the week that was. Weather-wise, we have really been in a dry pattern since the middle of October. That is bad news, as most of the region is in a severe drought. The pattern we're getting into is bringing us cold fronts every week, but there is no moisture to give us any rain, or snow. The precipitation has been confined to south of I-20, to the Hill Country, east and southeast Texas. Looking at the computer forecasts through next week, nothing will change, except high temperatures. We'll see dry air likely staying with us through the end of the month. There will be changes in temperatures with our weekly cold fronts. In fact, highs will be in the mid 70s tomorrow, then back into the upper 50s on Sunday. So, it's that time of the year for the temperature roller coaster ride, which is what we're seeing.

It's a busy time of year for tours and school events. We had a few tours come through the television station this month, with another one today. I also had the privilege of judging the science fair at Nat Williams Elementary yesterday. The kids I got to judge were in fourth and fifth grade. They had some fantastic projects with really good ideas. It's nice to see kids interested in science. I did the science fair when I was in sixth grade, so this brought back some awesome memories. I think it's good to get kids started giving presentations at a young age. They'll get the nerves out of the way and be ready for high school and college. Well done, kids!

A lot of people ask me if I work weekends. As in doing the weather. I usually answer no and tell them only for severe weather. Well, sometimes we do public functions or give talks in our business. I have the opportunity to do that tomorrow. I will be out at South Plains College in Levelland talking about a career in television. There will Upward Bound high school students attending that are looking at different career choices. I have been in the business for nearly ten years, so I am glad to share what I have experienced and give them some incite into the television industry. It is a different career that really is exciting. Hopefully I'll get a few students to come into the business!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't blow away on Sunday! Wind will gust to 50 mph! Just stay inside.