The Forecast This Week

Monday, February 5 was day number 89 since Lubbock has seen measurable precipitation. Today is going to be day number 90. 90 Days! That is three months since the last time we actually measured, at that time, rain! We certainly need some help. Well, we had a cold front pass through the area late last night and into this morning. That cold front is not going to bring us any rain/snow. We are getting much colder air across the area this morning. Temperatures at 5:00 am were down into the teens north of Lubbock. The wind (as seen in the Texas satellite below) is going to be out of the northeast today. That northeast wind is due to the cold front. Also that northeast wind is bringing down an air mass from Oklahoma and Kansas. That air mass is dry. So, that is why we're going to reach 90 days with no measurable precipitation in Lubbock today.

The wind is going to remain elevated today. Or, as we call it here in west Texas, normal. That sustained wind will be at 10-15 mph from the north-northeast. It will shift around to the eats later on this afternoon. The national map below is highlighting west Texas. I am focused on those lines that are really close together. Those are lines of equal pressure, or isobars. Whenever we see those close together, that means the wind is going to blow. Low pressure will be the drive of that wind today. As high pressure retakes control tomorrow, things will settle down and the wind will get back to 5-10 mph. It will actually be a nice day Wednesday, with highs just below average.

There is uncertainty in the forecast as we move into the weekend. You may notice that things have changed. I added more clouds for Sunday and Monday. As we move into Saturday, we are going to expect highs to climb up to the low 60s. Wind will increase to 15-20 mph out of the southwest. That southwest wind is going to bring in dry air. There are no models, or any forecast guidance that is showing rain this weekend. That could change, but it's not likely as of yet. We do know a cold front is going to come in by Sunday. The timing is not yet there. The high in Lubbock is going to fall down to 43° by Sunday, with the wind at 15-25 mph. That wind will make it feel like the low 30s.

So, we're not out of the woods yet, in terms of cold air. It's the middle of winter. Just remember that. temperature fluctuations are normal in a year dominated by La Nina. So, that roller coaster ride of high temperatures will continue through early next week.