Update To Friday's Weather

We'll finally begin to see precipitation in the area by Friday morning. Ahead of a strong cold front, we will see high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s today. Much of the same tomorrow. The next storm system is already bringing in clouds from the Pacific, which will stick around through Saturday morning. Wind is going to be at 15-20 mph today, with 20-25 mph wind tomorrow. So, gusts will be near 40 mph each day. This cold front will begin to affect our area Thursday night, through Friday morning. As the front moves through, it will interact with the moisture we have in place. There is going to be enough lift to bring in isolated showers. Coverage of these showers is only going to be 20% and total amounts will be low. But, we are talking about seeing some rain, which we desperately need.

For Lubbock, the above computer forecast is showing us finally getting rain by 3:00 am Saturday. This model tends to show too much precipitation. With that said, I would not be surprised to see Lubbock with measurable rain early Saturday morning. We will not see any measurable rain today, so we will tie the record for longest dry spell at 98 days. The question is, will we see measurable rain tomorrow? Well, it's not looking likely in Lubbock. If we do make it to midnight Friday morning, we will then break that record dry spell, as it will then be 99 days.

So, those are the things to look for in the next few days. I am positive that we will see a chilly day Friday, with a high of only 43°. Any precipitation will be gone by Saturday morning at 7:00 am. Saturday will be a nice day, with mostly sunny skies and a high reaching 63°. The wind will be at 10-15 mph in the afternoon. So, the warm weather will still win out.