The Look Ahead

It has been an interesting end to March and beginning to April across west Texas. Wednesday morning (April 4) we were waking up to temperatures in the 20s and 30s. So, the April Fools joke is continuing. At least the wind is weakening. We had wind gusting to 40 mph on Tuesday, which caused low visibility with blowing dirt and dust through the region. The wind will remain at 10-15 mph through the beginning of the weekend. The fire danger is going to continue, as well. We're seeing dry air in place. We have only barely seen over an inch of rain in Lubbock this year. That has helped to keep the grassland very dry and vulnerable. We have already seen numerous fires across the area in the last few months. In fact, there is a large fire burning in the panhandle. The north wind helped to get the smokey smell down here into Lubbock. There is going to be dry weather in the near future, so the fuel will sit there and continue to get dry.

The wind is not going to drop below 10-15 mph through early next week. In fact, it will increase as we move into the weekend and early next week. There will be gusts at times to 40-45 mph. That is why we need to be careful around open flames, as these fires will spread so fast and cause lots of damage. A cold front is going to be approaching the area on Friday. The above photo is the European Forecast for 7:00 pm-1:00 am on Friday. The cold front will be through Lubbock at that time period. You can see it is forecasting showers and thunderstorms across east Texas and into Arkansas. Unfortunately, we'll see dry air at the surface and for several thousand feet up into the atmosphere. So, as the front moves through Friday, we will not see any rain in the area on Friday, or at any point in the forecast.

The rain deficit in Lubbock will continue, at least over the next seven days. Those red lines that are stacked very close together in west Texas indicate strong wind. So, as the front moves down from the north, the wind is going to increase out of the north and northeast. Temperatures will drop from the 80s Thursday and Friday, into the low 60s on Saturday. The low in Lubbock is forecast to be near freezing Saturday morning. We'll start the day at 33°. The high is only forecast to reach 60° Saturday. Hope Fest, benefiting the American Cancer Society is Saturday evening. It will feel much cooler, so be sure to have jackets and sweatshirts with you. You will certainly need them!

Thanks for reading!