New Month, Same Story

We are now into the month of May, which means we usually see more thunderstorms and severe weather. We have certainly see a few severe thunderstorm watches and warnings in the area. This time of year the dry line is the determining factor for when we see severe storms. The dry line got active on Sunday with some of those storms west and northwest of Lubbock. It is going to be sloshing back and forth again today and tomorrow. This afternoon, the forecast for the dry line will be well east of Lubbock. The dew point measures the amount of moisture in the air. The closer the dew point to the temperature, the more humid it is. Dew points are more accurate when talking about moisture in the air than relative humidity, because humidity is relative to the temperature. The relative humidity is always higher in the morning and lower in the evening. That's not the same with dew points.

The forecast for the dew points today is showing very low number from Briscoe County, south through Floyd, Crosby, Garza and Borden counties west. East of those locations, the dew points will be higher. The photo above may have the dry line too far east for today. Cottle, King and Kent Counties have the potential to see isolated storms this evening. The rest of us will see elevated fire danger this afternoon. Fires will spread quickly with dry air and steady wind at 10-15 mph. So, we're still going to see dry weather winning out today and in early May, for 95% of our viewing area.

The dry line is going to move back to the west overnight, so I can't rule out a few storms from midnight-6:00 am Thursday. After that, the dry line is going to move well east of the area on Thursday, so dry weather is going to dominate once more. The wind is going to be at 15-20 mph on Thursday and Friday, so fire danger is going to be high. So, no outdoor burning this week, because those fires will spread very fast. We just have to real good shot to see any needed rain in the forecast.

The only good news is that on Saturday, we'll get plenty of sunshine, dry air and light wind. Lemonade Day is Saturday, so this weather will make you want to go to several lemonade stands and get a good, cool drink. This will help out the kids and will make you refreshed! So, even though we will not see any needed rain this weekend, at least the wind will be light and business will be great for all of the kids and their lemonade stands! Enjoy!