Memorial Day Weekend

The end of school for Lubbock ISD is on Friday and the unofficial start of summer is Monday! Unfortunately, as we move into the summer months, that usually means hot and dry conditions. So, we need to store up our precipitation before June 21. That is going to be difficult, because lately, the storms have been dying out before crossing the state line. That is what we will expect again this evening and into tomorrow morning. There will be storms across the line in central and eastern New Mexico. They will be moving east, much like the last few nights. As they cross the state line, these storms will break apart again. However, I can't rule out a few showers, or storms, affecting our central counties. The picture above is the forecast valid through 1:00 am tomorrow. It is showing light amounts of rain basically just along the state line. It's showing less than .10" for Lubbock and central counties.

The news gets worse, in terms of rain, as we head into the holiday weekend. Thursday afternoon will be the last shot at seeing some storms in the area through Memorial Day. There is only a 10% chance that we will actually get storms for Lubbock tomorrow. After this, high pressure will take over. That means we will see highs in the upper 90s on Friday, with triple digit heat back in the forecast on Saturday. We have seen three triple digit days so far in 2018. Lubbock will make it up to 101° on Saturday afternoon, with highs closer to 105° off the Caprock.

High temperatures are going to drop down to the upper 90s on Memorial Day and Tuesday. We will try to get some more rain across west Texas by the middle of next week, but it's way too far away to even talk about the probability of that occurring. We really need this rain in May, because we all know that June and July tend to be dry. We just need either some northwest flow to bring in precipitation from the Pacific, or a low to get Gulf moisture into our region of Texas. Those two scenarios are yet to be seen.