We're Finally Going To See Rain!

I know it has been nearly a month since I have done a blog and that's my fault. Things have been quite busy lately. We launched a new graphics system a few weeks ago, which turned out to be quite disastrous at times. I think we have finally gotten things in line and everything seems to be working properly, at least for now. Things are about to get busy in the weather, as well. We're looking at a cold front that is going to work its way down through the panhandle this evening and overnight. We're already seeing some showers and thunderstorms along this cold front in northeast New Mexico and the Texas panhandle. The above picture is the American forecast for 7:00 pm tonight, to 1:00 am tomorrow morning. It is depicting showers and thunderstorms for most of west Texas, which we desperately need! There are several opportunities to see some nice rain in the next several days. The only downside is going to be heavy rain and flooding.

Although during the day, through the weekend, wind is going to stay light, any location that gets caught in a thunderstorm will see wind gusting anywhere from 40-50 mph. We're also going to see a drop in high and low temperatures which is going to be great as we get closer to the middle of August. August. Yes, this is August, which is one of the hottest months of the year. We have been seeing highs in the mid 90s lately, which is just above average. We're going to see highs dropping down into the low and mid 80s, with some 70s for highs along the state line. This is going to be wonderful. Now, it will be a bit more muggy, especially tomorrow and Friday in Lubbock. The average high for the next several days is 92°. So, we will be well below that and most areas will get welcome rainfall. The drought has been just awful this year, thanks mainly to La Nina.

The best days to get rain, as of now, look to be on Thursday night, through early Saturday morning. This is not going to be a steady, all day/night rain, but we'll get some storms rolling through that will pack heavy rain and gusty wind for a few hours. Then we'll get a break, then we'll see more thunderstorms. So, be sure to have the umbrellas handy all the way through the early part of next week. Remember to never drive through flooded roads, as that is very dangerous. One other thing to note is that it looks as though we will be transitioning into an El Nino as we move into Autumn and winter. That means below average highs for west Texas and more precipitation. That is definitely what we need, however we will be talking about more wintry precipitation, including snow, for the winter of 2018-19. Just keep that in mind.