Back To School!

This week is the week I would dread as a kid - back to school. Now, I do admit that I enjoyed going back to school shopping. I grew up in West Virginia, so we didn't have to get supplies, or anything. My mom just wanted us to get new clothes for the new school year. That was a good time. Once the first day came around, I would definitely not be in a good mood. School just didn't do it for me. By time I got to the last few years of high school I admit that I liked it more, but mainly because of the lack of difficult classes I took. That ended up hurting me when I got to college, so I would not recommend doing that! I am 33 years old and I still cringe when I hear back to school; which nowadays is in June and July it seems!

The weather always seemed to be warm when I would go back to school. That is something that we will see as the kids head back this week. Now, it is a short week for Lubbock ISD and Cooper ISD, as they go back on Wednesday. So, it's only a three day school week. We will be looking at warmer air in the forecast by tomorrow. That will hold true on Wednesday. Hopefully they got some shorts and dresses and things like that, because highs will be up into the low and mid 90s across the region. The wind is going to be light on Wednesday, so it will actually feel warmer than it is out there.

As we move to Thursday and Friday, we will still be looking a near average highs, which will be in the low 90s. We have been spoiled recently with highs only in the upper 70s and low 80s; which is great in August. I do also have to mention that we'll see some isolated showers and storms in the region on Friday-Sunday. Coverage is only going to be 10%, so if this weekend is any indication, Lubbock will look to miss out on seeing any rain those three days. It's worth a mention, because we really need to get some rain in the region. The drought is just getting worse. Hopefully this Autumn will bring in the rain that we need!

Have a great first day of school on Wednesday!