Watching The Gulf

There is, for obvious reason, a lot of talk about the tropics this week. Hurricane Florence is going to wreak havoc on the east coast this weekend. That storm will bring in tons of flooding and 120-130 mph wind and closer to 140 mph wind along the eye wall. There will, unfortunately, be plenty of damage from the Carolinas to Virginia. We across Texas are keeping an eye on the Gulf of Mexico as an area of showers and thunderstorms has a 50% chance of developing into a tropical depression, or weak tropical storm by the weekend.

The water in the Gulf is very warm, as is typical. Water temperatures range from 85°-87° in the path of the storm. That path is looking to take it towards the Texas coast. Landfall could be from near Houston, or all the way down northeast Mexico. There is a way for this developing system to bring in much needed rain for west Texas. If it moves closer to Port Lavaca, the counterclockwise rotation would be ample amounts of moisture into out area. There will be more clouds moving in this weekend, this we know of. Those who get rain will depends on which track this system takes.

The computer forecast on the above left picture is depicting moderate, to heavy rainfall across the hill Country, down to the Rio Grande Valley. The only way this region does not get heavy rain is if the tropical system makes landfall closer to Houston. Nonetheless, the Gulf Coast and south Texas will get more ample rain and flooding this weekend. This will in no way whatsoever compare to Harvey. Flooding is going to be the concern, not so much wind.

If you're planning on attending the Houston-Texas Tech game on Saturday, go ahead and prepare for some rain. That is the safe bet. I know it's the Celebrate Cotton game and we need to wear white, but it's like 20% for some rain at this time. It is not going to be as bad as the Celebrate Cotton game last year where it poured. However, we have the potential to see some moderate rainfall Saturday afternoon. I will continue to monitor this situation and have a better idea on who gets rain by Friday.