Weekend Outlook

There is obvious concern with what is happening on the east coast in regards to Hurricane Florence. That storm is going to cause so much flooding and damage from wind gusts over 100 mph. For the last week, I have been watching the Gulf of Mexico to see if this area of low pressure was going to develop into anything more. Well, it turns out that it hasn't. This is just a strong area of low pressure. It is already bringing in periods of heavy rain to the Texas coast. This is going to continue through the weekend. Flights to Houston may be delayed at times, so be sure to pay attention to United Airlines and the information the provide to you.

The heaviest rain for the weekend is still looking to be along the Rio Grande and for parts of the Hill Country. Flooding is going to occur there, thanks to an already saturated surface from recent heavy rainfall. The potential for rain in west Texas is not looking great as of Friday. Right now, only two models have us getting some rain showers on Saturday afternoon. I have decided to keep our probability at 20%, as it looks like most of the rain is going to fall southeast of our region. The deepest moisture is going to be located just south and southeast of the Rolling Plains. So, locations there will get the best look at rain and flooding. That is shaping up to be south of I-20 and even south of I-10. So, anywhere from San Angelo, to Kerrville, San Antonio, all the way down to Brownsville and McAllen.

Moisture is going to be on the rise in Lubbock on Saturday, which is why we'll see the increase in cloud cover. If you are planning on attending the Houston-Texas Tech game, then take rain gear with you, just in case. The kickoff is 3:00 pm and that is actually right in the window for rain across Lubbock. It's looking like any time from 1:00 pm-7:00 pm. That would be the best estimate for the opportunity to see some rain for the Hub City. Rain will be heavy at times, wherever it falls, so watch for flooded roadways, especially when leaving the game and headed home. By Sunday morning, there will be leftover clouds with a few leftover showers in the area. It's looking like Sunday afternoon will be drying out, with mostly sunny skies and highs near average.