Halloween Trouble

The holiday season is upon us! Within the next eight weeks we'll be in the holiday spirit for sure with Halloween on Wednesday, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year seemingly right around the corner. I've always though that Halloween really kicks off this holiday fever. Although, I know some have Christmas stuff out already in the stores, or even in some houses. Let's just wait until, at least, Thanksgiving to get those Christmas decorations out.

Anyway, to the weather! The only spooky thing that is going to affect the Halloween weather across west Texas is going to be a cold front. That cold front is going to be moving through the region this afternoon. That front will kick up the wind and drop temperatures. The front will cause high temperatures to only be in the 60s north of Lubbock, but the warm air stays just to the south; highs are expected to be in the low 80s there this afternoon. Lubbock will be just a degree above average today, with the high reaching 72°. We will be feeling that colder air by tonight, so be ready to bundle up tomorrow morning.

Things won't be too scary tomorrow, however, it will be a complete 180° turn from the warmth we had over the weekend and into Monday. The cold front will be south of the region by morning. The wind is going to be at 10-15 mph, with some gusts to 25 mph behind said front. Tomorrow is going to be cloudy and high temperatures will only be in the upper 40s to the north and low 50s for Lubbock and areas east and south. So, as you get the little ghouls, pirates, princesses and dinosaurs out to Trick-Or-Treat tomorrow evening, bundle up! You'll need to dress warm, because the trick-or-treat forecast is calling for temperatures to be in the upper 40s. That wind will make it feel more like the upper 30s.

This forecast for Halloween reminds me of some trick-or-treating nights growing up in West Virginia. We'd have to have our jackets with us over our costumes; then take the jackets off to get the candy, then throw them back on! That is going to be some good advice tomorrow night for all of the little ones. Stay safe tomorrow, don't eat too much candy and have a great night!