The Cold Is Coming

Believe it, or not, but we are not two weeks away from Thanksgiving. This time of year, we're used to see cloudy skies, some rain and cold air. That is certainly what's happening today. Now, the above photos are the NOAA outlook for precipitation on the left and temperatures on the right for the November 13-17. There is some good news with these. That is for precipitation. Farmers need it to be dry this time of year, so we will be looking at dry air next week. However, it is going to get cold! This will begin on Monday morning. High temperatures are forecast to be in the upper 40s with 10-15 mph wind. So, that will feel more like the upper 30s. There will also be a light rain/snow mix across Parmer, Castro, Swisher, Briscoe and Hall Counties.

Now, the left photo does indicate drier than average conditions, but that does not mean we will not see precipitation. As of now, Monday morning's wintry mix will sit at 10% and will be light. I am not expecting any road issues Tuesday morning. Low temperatures by Tuesday morning are forecast to be in the mid 20s! So be ready to dress in layers and have those heaters cranked up Tuesday and Wednesday mornings!

Now the photos below are the 8-14 day outlook from NOAA, valid November 15-21. Things are looking to change here, at least in terms of forecast temperatures. The photo on the left is the precipitation outlook. It's actually showing a slightly better shot of dry air across west Texas for that period. The bottom right photo is the temperature outlook. It's actually showing near average highs for west Texas, with colder air to the east and southeast.

The temperature outlook would indicate highs in the mid 60s. That is not too bad as we approach Thanksgiving. With the dry air forecast, It's now looking like there will not be any major travel issues for Texas heading into Thanksgiving week. Obviously we'll know more as the holiday approaches. But this is a good look at what to plan for.