First Snowfall

Now that Wix has fixed the blog issue, I can give you an update on the weather now that we're here into December! We're not quite three days into the new month and we're already talking about a strong cold front that passed through the region Sunday night. We will actually get a break from the wind, which is nice. However, we will be seeing even bigger changes to the forecast by the end of the week and first part of the weekend. A disturbance is currently just off the coast of California and will work its way to the southeast. As it scoots past Baja California, it will pull in moisture to west Texas.

The timing for this storm is going to be on Friday evening. As that moisture enters the region, temperatures will be dropping into the low 30s and approaching the freezing mark. The precipitation is going to begin as some light rain. Once that colder air filters down, that precipitation will begin to freeze on impact with surfaces like roads and vehicles. The timing for the changeover is looking to be near or just after midnight Saturday morning. As we get closer to 8:00-9:00 am, we'll see that rain changeover to some light snow. That is thanks to moist air making its way all the way down to the surface.

Accumulations are not expected to be intense or anything, but some areas north of Lubbock will see a dusting to about an inch. Now, since temperatures have been lower lately, roads will be seeing that snow accumulate, causing slick spots on Saturday morning. Grassy surfaces will also get those accumulations. Lubbock is not expected to see much at all. We'll get some flakes flying around the skies, but in terms of accumulation, we'd be lucky to see an inch.

This is not too much out of the ordinary for December, especially since we're going to be in an El Nino pattern for the winter. Be ready to see more snow and rain once we officially get into the winter season. We definitely need the moisture with the recent drought, but things could be hazardous with ice and freezing rain. So stay tuned. Winter officially begins December 21 at 4:23 pm CT.