Is This Actually Winter?

The un-seasonal warm air that we have seen lately will take a short break across west Texas. We had a cold front move through the region on Sunday morning. But Sunday was actually pleasant, with sunny skies and highs near average. The wind on Sunday wasn't that big of a deal, either. We're definitely feeling the cold air out there today. Low temperatures this morning dropped into the teens and 20s. We will actually see the cold air last for a few days, with below average readings for several days. The big question in the forecast is precipitation; especially on Tuesday. The big problem lately has been the very dry air over the region. Well, we're actually going to see a storm system moving in just north of the area. It is looking like this will be able to pull in some moisture to the area during the morning and early afternoon. So who will actually see the precipitation and what will it be?

As of now, it's looking more likely to see some very light snow on the Caprock. Accumulations will be right around an inch for those that see it. Off the Caprock, things are looking more like a mix of some light freezing rain and rain. This precipitation is going to remain light and will really depend on the temperatures. Most of the morning hours will see all of us below freezing. That is why some ice accumulations will be a concern. The morning rush hour will see light amounts of ice on bridges and overpasses on the loop, Marsha Sharp and I-27. Just a small amount of ice can cause your vehicle to spin around, so just be safe out there.

The above photos are two different computer forecasts for noon tomorrow. The one on the left is the American Model. It is showing more light snow just west of Lubbock. The model on the right is the Rapid Refresh Model. They are both showing wintry precipitation in the area, but the differ on the type. That is going to be the biggest issue tomorrow during the morning and early afternoon. It all has to do with the surface and air temperatures. We will continue to monitor the situation. One thing that is looking nearly certain is that anything that does fall is light. But remember, even light ice will cause slick spots on area roads during the morning and midday rush.