Monday Severe Update

The latest severe weather outlook from 2:30 am Saturday has updated the threat for our area on Monday. The red areas have the highest risk of seeing severe thunderstorms, but the orange counties have a pretty good risk as well. Lubbock is sitting in the orange, which is the enhanced, or category three out of five. That means we can definitely see severe storms in Lubbock Monday afternoon. Not to be outdone, but the yellow counties have a 15% risk for severe storms. This is all coming together to look like a significant severe weather day here in west Texas.

The timing for these severe storms to get going is after 1:00 pm Monday. All threats are possible, including hail up to baseball size, 70-80 mph wind and a few tornadoes. The red areas have the best risk for tornadoes, however you should not lower your guard elsewhere in the area for that threat; this includes Lubbock. These thunderstorms are expected to last well into the hours after sunset. That would make the situation worse. When it's dark, it's so much harder to see what is going on. You need to be weather aware on Monday. This is a high threat for damaging thunderstorms.

This outlook could change, either for the better, or worse. So you need to stay tuned to this page for further updates. The outlook will be updated by the Storm Prediction Center by 2:30 am Sunday, if not sooner. I will continue to send updates as needed.