Severe Weather Outbreak

A severe thunderstorm outbreak is expected on Monday. All modes of severe storms are possible, including multiple tornadoes. Any tornado that forms is capable of being destructive and very strong. You should proceed through the day Monday with caution. The red areas on the map above have the highest probability of seeing severe storms and tornadoes. The orange areas also have a high chance at seeing severe storms. The yellow areas are lower, but could still see a few severe storms, especially early in the morning. Along with tornadoes, baseball size hail, or larger, is possible and 80 mph wind with any storm that gets going.

The first round of storms is expected to be going by 3:00-4:00 am. These storms have the possibility of large hail and 70 mph wind. So there may be severe storms before sunrise. You really need to be prepared as you go to work and when the kids are at school. Those storms will move to the east and northeast. They will form west of Lubbock, then push east by 7:00 am. The next round of severe storms is expected after 1:00 pm, until about 4:00 pm. There will be another round of severe storms after 7:00 pm, until about 10:00 pm. So this could be an all-day event on Monday.

Lubbock is in the window for all three rounds of these storms. You really need to pay attention all day, as these storms will become severe very fast. Have a plan of action ready to go to keep you and your family safe. There is high confidence in this scenario playing out. Just because you miss a round, or two of storms, doesn't mean you're in the clear. The counties along the state line are the only ones with a lower probability of seeing these severe storms. This will be a very dangerous situation tomorrow. Remember that you need to shelter in an interior room, away from windows and outside walls. Put as many walls between you and the exterior as possible. If you don't have a basement, a bathroom, or closet will be sufficient. Please pay attention to the weather tomorrow. A NOAA Weather Radio is great to have, because it will alert you when watches and warnings are issued. They only cost $30 and could save your life. I will be on KLBK, as well as and with all the latest warnings, all day.