Never-Ending Severe Weather

We had some very large hail fall in Lubbock County yesterday evening. The storm just formed right over Lubbock and did not move too quickly at all. Along with 1-3" in diameter hail, we saw very heavy rain fall in the city of Lubbock. Some parts of town saw nearly 2" of rain in less than an hour. Other parts of Lubbock County saw the same. As the dry line forms along and just east of the state line today, areas ahead of that will see plenty of low-level moisture. That is going to lead to a few, isolated, thunderstorms yet again. We will be under the gun for more large hail with any storm. That hail could get to golf ball size, or larger. So some of us who got hit hard with large hail Monday, will get some more large hail this evening.

The timing of the storms is going to be from 5:00 pm-10:00 pm. In all likelihood, the storms will be done before 10:00 pm. The dry line will work as the focus for lift. We're going to have the warm air needed for storms with highs in the low 90s. Moisture is coming in from the southeast and we will still have the wind changing directions with height. Now, the wind that changes direction with height (wind shear) is not as strong as yesterday. However, it is still strong enough to help bring in more strong/severe storms.

Be sure to keep up to date with the weather after 5:00 pm today. You can always follow along with my weather updates at and @Nick_Weather on Twitter. After this evening's storms end, a high pressure ridge will take over. That means we'll get sunny skies and dry weather through at least Monday. Highs will be near average for this time of year.