Weekend Outlook

We finally saw a few days worth of welcome rain in west Texas for the month of November. I know today is only the eighth, but still. It was a bit of a dry start and we really need to keep this surplus for the year. Through the first week of the month, Lubbock has officially seen .59" of precipitation. The average month is .25" so we are above so far for November. When we talk about precipitation for the year, that is when things get really interesting. In 2019, Lubbock comes in with 23.26" of precipitation! November 7, 2018 only saw 13.76" of precipitation for the entire year. That is 9.50" more precipitation in 2019 so far, then last year! We are doing much better this year, even with that dry spell in September and early October. A strong cold front is going to move in by Monday morning, but we will stay dry with no rain expected.

If you're wanting warmer weather, you'll love this weekend! Friday will start to see the warm air, but highs will still remain below average. Highs will go from the mid 50s today to the low 70s on Saturday. I know the Texas Tech football game is at 11:00 am Saturday. That means you'll have plenty of time to get out and enjoy the afternoon. The wind is going to only stay at 5-10 mph. With that light wind, the air will feel warmer. By Sunday, clouds start to increase in the afternoon hours. That is ahead of a strong cold front which will bring down very cold, Arctic air to west Texas by Monday. We'll be seeing nearly a 30° difference in highs from Sunday into Monday. It's that strong! So don't be fooled by the warmth over the weekend. You'll need to heavy coats and heaters early next week.

After a week off, Texas Tech heads to Morgantown, West Virginia tomorrow to take on the Mountaineers at noon ET, 11:00 am CT. If you are making the trek up to northern West Virginia on Saturday, it is going to be chilly. The kickoff temperature will be 41°, with highs in the mid 40s expected in the afternoon. The wind is going to stay light, so that is good news because it will not feel colder than it actually is. Enjoy the game tomorrow, it should be a good one between two similar style teams. This cold air is coming our way Monday, so keep those heavy jackets, sweaters, hats and gloves handy!