Another Winter Storm

Another winter storm is headed into west Texas. We will start off with rain showers during the day today as nearly all locations will be above freezing. These showers will move through by early afternoon, clearing from west-to-east. The main area of wintry weather will start to move in late on Monday night/Tuesday morning. I am expecting the precipitation to begin by, or just after midnight. As depicted in the photo above, the precipitation will be all snow in the northwestern counties. Central areas will get more of a mix of rain/freezing rain/sleet and some light snow. Ice accumulations for Lubbock will be just under .10". That means we will see slick roads as you head to work Tuesday morning. Precipitation will remain rain off the Caprock.

There will be another brief break from any precipitation Tuesday afternoon, before it increases again Tuesday evening. After sunset Tuesday, precipitation will turn to all snow. However, a dry layer of air will be over top of us. That, along with the frozen precipitation and rain that has fallen, will prevent accumulations from getting too high. Lubbock is looking at, perhaps, an inch of snow, with other areas in Lubbock County receiving up to 2". The highest amounts will be northwest of Lubbock. With that said, roads will still be very slick Tuesday, into Wednesday morning. The precipitation will clear the region from west, to east on Wednesday by lunch time.

The breakdown on who will get what type of precipitation and amounts is going to look closer to what we are used to and not like last week. The precipitation will be all rain in the green counties. There is a possibility of a mix of snow, but no accumulations are expected. The purple/pink counties, including Lubbock, will see nearly all precipitation be mixed from early Tuesday morning, through sunset Tuesday. There will be a narrow band of 2-4" accumulations in the blue counties. The most snow will fall in the pink counties northwest of Lubbock, where 4-8" of snow is expected. This will obviously cause major issues on the roads and travel to/from these locations is discouraged Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ice will be more of a concern for Lubbock. I can't say it enough, don't drive unless you have to. Even a few hundredths of an inch of ice can really cause issues. We will see around a half inch of ice accumulation in the mixed precipitation counties in the photo above. So you really need to take it easy on the roads Tuesday morning, into Wednesday morning.