Winter Weather Update

As expected, winter precipitation has been falling since midnight. There is already a few inches on the ground in Plainview, Hale County, Swisher County, Parmer County and Bailey County. Road conditions will be the worst the farther north you go from Lubbock through the day today. Lubbock roads will still be slick, as well. Bridges and overpasses will have ice on them through tomorrow at lunch time. Those freeze first because of the cold air flowing under and on top of them. We'll still see a mix of rain/freezing rain/sleet and snow in Lubbock through sunset. There will also be a few breaks during the day, so don't let your guard down.

After sunset, the precipitation is expected to turn to all snow. Since Lubbock has seen a mix of precipitation, accumulations of snow will be light; perhaps an inch at best. However, the biggest issue will be icy roads from Lubbock north and northwest. The morning commute tomorrow will see ice, so plan to leave earlier and drive slower.

Snow totals have been dropped with the morning update. However, you have to remember that this is just a computer. Two inches of snow is already on the ground in Hale County, so they can easily see three inches by tomorrow morning. Some outlying areas could even get up to four inches of snow. The thing to take away from this snow forecast is the location of the highest accumulations. The northwestern counties are still looking to see the most snow by noon tomorrow. Some parts of Lubbock County will receive up to 2", but don't expect that for most of the county. The eastern and southeastern counties are looking to mainly see rain, with flurries possible.

This is the updated accumulation and precipitation type through noon tomorrow. You can see that totals have been lowered in the northwestern counties, but you can still expect 2-4" in those locations. You can see that small sliver of 1-3" in the white; that includes Plainview, where a few inches is on the ground now. Littlefield, Muleshoe, Friona, Dimmitt and Tulia have the potential of seeing 2-4" by late tomorrow morning. The big thing to take away from this is how slick the roads will be, especially north of Lubbock. I can't stress that enough. We will see clearing conditions by noon tomorrow; with mostly sunny skies in Lubbock by 3:00 pm on Wednesday.