Marching On

We're heading into the end of February with warmer and dry conditions. Yes, we are still in winter until March 22; but it will not feel like it at all over the weekend. West Texas will see plenty of sunshine, with more clouds on Saturday, than on Sunday. Wind is going to be the big issue this weekend. It is going to be at 5-10 mph today, but will be sustained at 20-25 mph tomorrow and on Sunday. Gusts this weekend will be climbing up over 40 mph at times. So even though the sir is going to be feeling more like spring, the wind will really cause you issues if you want to spend time outdoors. Aside from that, expect high temperatures to rise into the low and mid 70s in the region. So, we're going to be moving into the month of March with very warm air and gusty west Texas wind.

The other thing to note for the weekend will be the fire danger, especially tomorrow. 2020 has been a very dry year so far. Lubbock is in a deficit of .49" as of Thursday. The air will be dry on Friday, so that number will only increase. Fuels for fires are also staying very dry. As the wind increases tomorrow, fires will spread very quickly. You need to keep that in mind, especially if you will be grilling outside, or around open flames. The fire danger will be elevated Sunday, as well.

There has been great ski conditions over in New Mexico and southern Colorado. Ski Apache has seen some trails closed compared to this time last week, but they are still offering 38 trails. Northern New Mexico picked up some snow since last weekend, so Ski Santa Fe and Ski Apache are looking good for the weekend. Of course, if you want to travel just a bit farther into southern Colorado, Wolf Creek is still 100% open, with 273" of snow this season! There is still plenty of time to hit the slopes this season, so make time to get out and enjoy the wonderful conditions!

The next potential weather maker is going to be arriving in west Texas by Tuesday morning. A low pressure system is going to be coming into the region from the southwest. That low will come in from the Rockies, drop to the south just move south of Lubbock. The forecast path has the best lift (needed to produce rain) just missing our area to the south. Even with that said, it's looking like we'll see some rain showers gracing west Texas during the day Tuesday. Coverage is now only looking like 10%, but some will get to see welcome rain. Amounts will generally be light, but any rain in the region is a good thing. Our deficit will only continue to get worse without seeing rain. The low will not make too much of an impact on our area in terms of high temperatures. We will drop down from the upper 60s, to the low 60s, which is just below average. So that is not bad at all. Wind will remain gusty on Tuesday, too.