Rain For Some

Dry air has been winning out in west Texas since the middle part of March. The pattern is only slightly changing over the next few days. There is expected to be a few showers, or rumbles of thunder, this afternoon. Coverage on Holy Thursday is only going to be 20%, so expect to miss out rather than see some rain. The above image is the computer forecast for Good Friday at 5:05 pm. That is when coverage of showers and a few storms is expected to be its highest. That will be up to 30%, especially in the late afternoon and early evening; and especially to the west and southwest of Lubbock. There will even be some pockets of heavier rain, which will really do need. However, there could be some minor street flooding. But people aren't really going anywhere, so that should not be a major issue for those that get these showers and storms.

It's been a quiet severe weather season so far in west Texas and that is expected to continue this weekend. There is no real threat for severe storms. The best spot for hail producing thunderstorms will be in the western Permian Basin, into far west Texas and perhaps a tad into southeast New Mexico. Lubbock is not forecast to see severe storms at all during this time.

Looking ahead, you can see in the photo above, that there are a few more opportunities to see some more showers and perhaps a storm, or two, in the next five days. I already mentioned Friday in the paragraphs above, so I'll move to Saturday. There is 10% there for some leftover showers. The timing will be generally in the morning hours, until 10:00 am. By that point, any showers will move east of the area. It's a small window, so don't expect much out of that. We will be dry on Easter Sunday and into Monday. Tuesday looks a bit uncertain. I do that that it is going to be much colder early next week. The forecast high temperature for Monday is 54°. The wind will make it feel more like the mid 40s. As that system moves by, some moisture will be leftover; enough to at least mention a few showers in the area during the day on Tuesday.

Looking ahead to Easter Sunday, I know it will feel much different this year. We're all going to have to video chat family members. We are unable to attend church services and we Easter egg hunts will only be allowed for immediate family. With all of that said, the measures in place are there to keep us all safe and to stop this deadly virus from spreading to more and more people. You can still enjoy the day on Sunday; it will be a very nice day. The only issue will be the wind increasing to 15-20 mph in the afternoon, with some gusts to 30 mph. Other than that, Easter 2020 will be sunny and pretty average, with the high temperature making it to 74°. I hope everyone (that celebrates) has a great Easter weekend. Take care of your families and each other. We'll be through this COVID-19 scare in no time and on to living our lives again.