A Nice Change

Aside from the sixth and seventh, July got off to a very July start. High heat wast the story, especially from the 8-18, where ever day got to at least 100° in Lubbock. We had two record highs on the 13th and 14th. The 14th saw the third highest temperature ever recorded here in Lubbock at 111°. The highest temperature in Lubbock is 114°, set on June 27, 1994. We all know that July and August regularly sees triple digit heat, but the all-time highest temperature was set in June that year. Lubbock is also at 19 triple digit days in 2020; which is the number we got to all of 2019. So this year is going to be much warmer, which goes along the lines of the 2020 theme.

It was so nice to see the lower high temperatures starting on Sunday. We're back in two digits for highs, which is going to stick around for the near future. High temperatures will actually be around average, believe it, or not, this work week and even into the weekend. If we do get some more rain, temperatures will drop from that rain, which will feel very nice. Let's hope we see more double digit highs to round out the last ten days of the month.

The Tuesday evening radar is active for once. We have only had two days of measurable rain in Lubbock so far this month. That is not good, because the drought conditions just keep getting worse. We are seeing these isolated showers and a few storms at this time. I am expecting the same thing to occur tomorrow. We will see more isolated storms, with coverage at 20% for a few hours tomorrow afternoon. Rain totals won't be great, but some locations will actually see heavy rain thanks to the amount of moisture content in the air. If you're caught in one of these storms this evening, or Wednesday evening, just keep that in mind. Street flooding will be possible as well.

Wednesday is the last real opportunity to see some showers in the near term. However, I am keeping an eye on things for the period from Sunday-Tuesday. Each of those days, at least right now, as a 10% shot at seeing some rain. We will have to keep an eye on the Gulf of Mexico. A disturbance is expected to develop into a tropical system and will move to the Texas coast by the weekend. Some rain showers may make their way into west Texas during that time, so those percentages could go up. Hopefully we will see some much needed rain from that system because it has been so dry since June. We would also see lower high temperatures with the clouds and rain. So watch the tropics early next week.